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Weddings & Elopements

My favorite part about weddings is HOW MUCH LOVE surrounds this day. It’s a celebration. A PARTY! It brings me so much joy just feeling the emotion and happiness in my couple, and those around them surrounding them with support and love. Each and every person is there because they want to invest YOU! I want to be there and invest and support you JUST AS MUCH!

I AM HERE FOR THAT! I want to hug you, laugh with you, and dance alongside you. I want to LOVE on you, be your personal cheerleader, and right-hand man. I AM HERE! I am ready to pour you a mimosa, fix your mascara, carry your dress throughout the day, grab you a snack, make sure you’re on time, and HELP YOU RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR DAY! This day is alllllll about you and your love, and you don’t need to worry about if grandma is where she is supposed to be, or that your on time to your ceremony. NO!

I am ready to climb a mountain, or scale across rocks by the ocean. I am willing to bear the wind and the water, LAUGHING AND PUMPING YOU UP THE WHOLE DAY!!! You want to elope?! I am down for the messy, the dirty, the mud, and rain, I LIVE FOR THAT!

That is why I am here! I am here to make sure the day goes by smoothly, making sure you’re taken care of and that everything you need is right in your hands.

I am here for you to serve you.


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